Friday, June 24, 2011

Photos of me by other photographers

Unlike many photographers, I enjoy being on both sides of the lens.  I am always asking people to take their portraits and I like to return the favor to other photographers by posing for them.

Here are a few pictures my friend Ruben Natal-San Miguel took of me last week in NY.  He loved my tattoos and focused on the textual ones (most of them).

My friend Caleb Cole came to my house a few weeks ago and made these two lovely portraits.

Thanks to both Ruben and Caleb for the wonderful photos!

Friday, June 17, 2011

An upcoming exhibition, the Indie Photobook Library, and a trip to NY

Wow, it’s a busy summer already.  So many exciting things are going on!

I’m excited to announce that four of my images from Transcendence (including the brand-new diptych below) will be in the show Family Value at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York from July 7 through August 5.  I’ll be there for the opening on July 7, so if you can make it to NY, please come by!

Self-portrait with mom (mirror), 2010

My book A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum and my recent  exhibition catalogue A place so as to stay are featured on the Indie Photobook Library.  Check them out here.  A huge thanks to Larissa Leclair for putting together such an amazing resource and collection of books.

I spent the day yesterday in New York checking out galleries in Chelsea, and I saw some amazing work.  My first stop was the Gillian Wearing show at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.  I enjoyed the video portraits, but I was most interested in the three photographs in the upstairs part of the gallery where Wearing photographs herself as Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Diane Arbus.

Gillian Wearing at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

I met up with my friend Ruben Natal-San Miguel and we stopped in to see the Alejandro Chaskielberg show at the Yossi Milo Gallery, which was absolutely stunning.  The photographs are beautiful and have a very saturated, colorful feel to them.  

Alejandro Chaskielberg at Yossi Milo

Alejandro Chaskielberg at Yossi Milo

Alejandro Chaskielberg at Yossi Milo

Alejandro Chaskielberg at Yossi Milo

Next we stopped into the Li Songsong exhibit at the Pace Gallery.  I was very taken with Songsong's paintings, which were large in scale and simultaneously abstract yet almost photo-realistic.  

Li Songsong at Pace
Li Songsong at Pace

Li Songsong at Pace

Li Songsong at Pace

Li Songsong at Pace

We made our way over to the Michael Mazzeo Gallery to see my friend (and fellow MassArt Alum) Caleb Charland's show, which was wonderful.  Caleb's work is very impressive and I was excited to see his work in person.  

Caleb Charland at Michael Mazzeo Gallery

Caleb Charland at Michael Mazzeo Gallery

Caleb Charland at Michael Mazzeo Gallery

We headed up to 29th street to see the Robert Mapplethorpe show at the Sean Kelly Gallery, which was absolutely stunning.  50 Americans, one from each state, were given the opportunity to choose a Mapplethorpe photograph from his archive to be on display in the exhibition.  Wall text beneath each photograph told you about the person who choose the image- their age, occupation, location, and race- and also had a few paragraphs about why they chose that piece.  The show was incredibly moving and felt more like a museum exhibition than a gallery show.  I only wish they had a catalogue because I wanted to take the show home with me and spend more time with it.  

After having seen the Gillian Wearing show earlier in the day, it was especially interesting to see the original Mapplethorpe photo in this show.

Robert Mapplethorpe
Gillian Wearing

After a walk on the newly-opened section of the High Line, I ended up at the Deborah Bell Gallery and saw "Memories of the future: Ana Barrado/Rockets," which was wonderful.  

I ended the evening with a lovely dinner with Deborah Bell and Gus Kayafas and then hit the road back to Boston.  I'm looking forward to going back to NY in July to see more work and check out a few museums.  There is never enough time to see it all!

Me and Ruben in the amazingly colorful AOL park

The AOL park from the High Line 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The last photo to come out of my darkroom

Me in my darkroom, photo by Eddy Pula

Well, it’s official.  I have printed in my darkroom for the last time and am beginning to pack for my upcoming move to Chicago to start the Photography MFA program at Columbia College Chicago.  I made a batch of new contact prints and one finished diptych in the last printing session, and now I’m starting the process of dismantling the darkroom. I have gone back and forth about how much of it I wanted to keep, but I have found a good home for it all.  I’m passing it along to a friend and fellow photographer so that it can have another life as a NYC home darkroom.  The thought of all of my equipment sitting around in a basement for the next 3 years makes me sad so I’m thrilled it’s going to be put to good use.  It is bittersweet to be dismantling the darkroom that I so lovingly put together 4 years ago.  It has served me well, allowed me to produce a great deal of work, and will be missed. 

This past weekend I was away photographing at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, which was fantastic.  I made twelve new portraits for Transcendence and also got to spend time with friends from around the country and make new ones.  When I got home on Sunday, my friend and fellow MassArt grad Eddy Pula came over to my house and made this photo of me, the last photo to come out of my darkroom.  I’m quite fond of it.  Thanks Eddy!