Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photos from John Gossage lecture and Filter Photo Festival

It's been an exciting few days here in Chicago.  John Gossage came to lecture at Columbia College on Thursday evening and also spent Friday morning with our grad seminar class, which was fantastic.  The Filter Photo Festival is in town, and I have made it to a few of the events they put on. 

Below are some photos:

John Gossage speaking to photo students at the Museum of Contemporary Photography

John Gossage in grad seminar

John Gossage and Ross Sawyers in grad seminar

John Gossage critiquing Julie Weber's work

David Travis and John Gossage viewing work

Dawoud Bey viewing work

Me and Aline Smithson at Filter

David Bram and me at Filter

The crowd at Filter

Julie Weber and me at Filter

Patricia Lay-Dorsey and me at Filter

Me and Susan Barnett at Filter

Alice showing her work to Julie at Filter

Me and David Travis

Dawoud Bey, me, and Kelli Connell

Alison Carey, Paul D'Amato, John Gossage, and me

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