Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exhibition of Transcendence at Leslie/Lohman in NY

I am excited that four new pictures from Transcendence will be on display at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation in New York from November 8 through January 15.  Thanks to Cora Lambert for putting this two person exhibition together.  If you're in NY, stop by and check it out!

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art  
Portraits by Joelle Circé and Jess T. Dugan
 November 8th to January 15th 
   Come Celebrate at the  
 Opening Reception
Tuesday, November 8th
6 - 8 PM

Joelle Circé

Born in Montreal, Canada, painter Joelle Circé showcases several figurative oil paintings, representing the female body and the struggles and triumphs of being both transsexual and a queer woman. The personal depictions of eroticism, desire and fear create an exciting body of work exploring sexual identity.

Joelle Circé, Tango Styling Kiki

Jess T. Dugan 

Large format photographer Jess T. Dugan exhibits work from "Transcendence," a body of work portraying people from the transgender community. The work focuses on people who exist along the transmasculine spectrum, from those born female that don't identify as women, to those who physically transition or change their bodies. In an effort to increase understanding, the images portray issues unique to the transgender community while also highlighting the shared experiences of being human.

Jess Dugan, Dallas

These new paintings and photography highlighting human beings of transgender experience, will stay on exhibition 24 hours a day, viewable from the exterior of the gallery at street level as part of the ongoing window series curated by Cora Lambert bringing the work of LGBTQ artists to a public domain tackling issues of sex, gender, identity, and pop culture.

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