Saturday, September 10, 2011

First day of grad seminar and lots of art

Yesterday was my first day of photo grad seminar at Columbia, and it was fantastic.  We got a surprise in the morning, which was a visit from Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, who are in town for Alex's show at the Stephen Daiter Gallery.  They each showed us work and and gave us insight into their process as working artists.  They joined us for lunch and we got the opportunity to speak with them further, which was really wonderful.

Alex and Rebecca showing work in grad seminar

After they left, we got to see the work by all of the other first and second year grad students, and it was inspiring and exciting to see what everyone is working on.

In the evening, there were more openings than I could possibly make it to, but I made sure to go to Kelli Connell's opening at Catherine Edelman Gallery and to Alex's opening.  They were both fantastic, but I definitely need to go back when it's quieter and really spend time with the work.

At Stephen Daiter Gallery

Alex's work

Rebecca and Alex

Alex's work

"Grenada, Gouyave Bar," 1979, by Alex Webb

Evan Baden, fellow MFA Columbia student, and me at Alex's opening

Kelli Connell's show at Catherine Edelman Gallery

"Brickhaus cafe" by Kelli Connell

"Convertible Kiss" by Kelli Connell

"Sliver" and "Lucky Lou's" by Kelli Connell

"4th of July" and "Reverie" by Kelli Connell

"This Morning" and "The Valley" by Kelli Connell

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