Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Worm composter

I got a worm composter!  This, of course, has seemingly nothing to do with photography, but I acquired it at the same time I moved for grad school, so the worms and the pursuit of photography seem somehow related to me.  Though I ordered the worms and the composter at the same time, the worms arrived almost a week before their new home.  I made a temporary home for them in my salad spinner full of shredded newspaper, soil, and food scraps, which I kept on top of my fridge.  As I am a novice to vermicomposting, I am glad they survived!

The composter came today and I got it all set up.  Not only did my worms survive but they seemed really plump and happy.  Now they have a real home and I'm super excited about it.  Here are a few photos:

Makeshift salad spinner home

The composter- it has 3 more trays that I'll add as it fills up

Top layer of newspaper

Food scraps and shredded newspaper


Look how tiny it is....

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