Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trans conference, visit to Open View, and a show opening

This past weekend, I drove down to the Transgender Lives conference in Farmington, CT, where I gave an artist talk about my work Transcendence.  The talk went wonderfully- I met lots of new folks and made quite a few new portraits.  I continue to be humbled by the openness I find in my community, and I am thankful that people continue to share their stories with me.  It was also a blast to see people I have photographed and known before from various places coming together.  Here's a photo of me and my friend Jesse, who organized a big shoot for me last December and has since become a good friend.

Jesse and me before my talk

Late in the day on Saturday after a full day of presenting and making portraits, I hopped in my truck and headed straight to Open View Farm for a few days of photographing.  There were two new lambs born on Friday and I photographed them while they were only a few days old.  I can't believe I have been photographing at Open View for a full year.  It was a very intense experience to realize I have been paying close attention to a place, observing all of its changes and recording what happens with the passing of time, for a full year.  I started this project during spring lambing last year and now have come full circle.  I will continue to photograph throughout the summer and will then begin the daunting but exciting task of editing a year's worth of work into a coherent project.

Me holding one of the 4 day old baby lambs at Open View

My show Jess T. Dugan: New Work opened at Gallery Kayafas a few weeks ago, but this Friday from 5:30-8:00 is the First Friday opening reception.  If you are in Boston, I hope you can make it.
My book A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum is available for sale at the gallery as well as online here.

My dad is flying in from Arkansas to attend the opening on Friday, which is a rare treat!  This is my last show as a Boston resident, as I'm moving to Chicago this fall to start the MFA Photography program at Columbia College Chicago.  I am very excited for this next big adventure!  Stop by Gallery Kayafas on Friday if you can- I'd love to see you.

Work from A Place so as to Stay

Work from A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum

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