Thursday, March 31, 2011

The show's out the door!

Plastic, 2008

Whew, after three months of working steadily to get my show ready, it is mostly done.  At least, I've done my part!  The prints are being framed, the book and catalogue are being printed, and I finally have a little bit of time to breathe between now and the opening.  I am really looking forward to this show and am super excited to see my first book in print.  It is amazing how much energy goes into producing a book.  It has been an interesting process to put it all together, to say the least, and also very rewarding.  It has made me fall even more in love with books and printed matter (anyone who has ever helped me move can attest to my love for books).  I often conceptualize my projects as a book, and going through this process only further cemented that for me.  I imagine many book and printing projects in my future.  I can't wait for the opening and book release on April 15th.

I am finally catching up on e-mails, phone calls, reading other people's blogs, etc.  I literally feel like I'm coming up for air after a few months under water. 

The MassArt auction is coming up soon on Saturday, April 9th.  I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing event.  Every year, they put together a wonderful collection of work for sale as well as a beautifully printed catalogue.  This year, they chose my photograph Violet holding eggs from Open View, and it's exciting for me to have new work on display.  Attending the auction is one of the highlights of my year.  For more information about the auction or to buy tickets, click here.

Violet holding eggs, 2010

I'm continuing to work on a few different projects, including Open View and Transcendence.  I am nearing the end of my time photographing for Open View.  I'm likely going to continue photographing through the summer and then begin the daunting task of editing it.  I have taken so many images there since last May and will take many more before I start to make sense of it all.  I have also been interviewing everyone in the project, which adds an interesting level to the work that I can't get to purely visually.  Everyone on the farm has such complicated and interesting stories that I felt compelled to include more than just photographs.  Exactly how the text and photographs will come together remains yet to be seen.

I am continuing to work on my new phase of Transcendence, photographing in color and collecting statements from my subjects.  I have photographed several new people and am making my way through the scanning and editing process, and I also have many more on my list to photograph this spring and summer.  It's full speed ahead on all counts, and now that my show production is mostly wrapped up, I can return to image production and focus on making new pictures.  There is never a dull moment, thankfully.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Several shows and a book

New Work at Gallery Kayafas

Wow, it has been a very busy month.  I am right in the thick of preparing for my show New Work at Gallery Kayafas, which opens April 15th and runs through May 28th.  I am showing work from two new projects, one of which is A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum and I am releasing a book of the same name.  The book contains 49 photographs from the series along with an essay by Mary Malloy and an interview with Shellburne Thurber.  I couldn’t be more excited about this book- it has been an amazing process to put it together and collaborate with these inspiring folks for the written part of it.  

In addition, I will be showing work from my project A Place so as to Stay and am thrilled to see the prints, which are primarily triptychs, on the wall.  

Dad in the woods, 2009
Printing Dad in the woods

This is the first time I’m exhibiting work from either of these projects and I’m super excited.  We’re having two events- one of which is a book release- and I’d love to see you there.  The book will be available beginning April 15 at the gallery and also on my website here.

Jess T. Dugan: New Work
Gallery Kayafas
450 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA

April 15-May 28, 2011

Opening reception and book release: Friday, April 15th  5:30-8:00
First Friday reception:  Friday, May 6th  5:30-8:00

Gender Matters/Matters of Gender

I am also excited to have work in the exhibition Gender Matters/Matters of Gender in the Freedman Gallery at Albright College along with fellow Gallery Kayafas artist Caleb Cole.  This exhibition was curated by Judith Tannenbaum, the curator of contemporary art at the RISD art museum.  I wish I could see it in person.  If you're anywhere near Reading, PA, check it out:

Gender Matters/Matters of Gender
Freedman Gallery at Albright College
March 23-April 20, 2011

Shellburne Thurber: 9 Wellington Street exhibit opening this Saturday

Shellburne Thurber's exhibit 9 Wellington Street opens at the Barbara Krakow Gallery this Saturday from 3-5.  If you are anywhere near Boston, I'd strongly suggest you make it.  Shellburne is an incredible artist.  

Shellburne Thurber: 9 Wellington Street
Barbara Krakow Gallery
10 Newbury Street
Boston, MA

March 19-April 26, 2011
Opening reception: Saturday, March 19  3:00-5:00

Below is an older photograph of Shellburne's, but her show will contain all new work and is certain to be a treat.

Chesson House: Bedroom corner with broken windows - view #1, 1998