Monday, December 27, 2010

Transcendence- Micah and Michelle

Two more new photographs from Transcendence:

Micah, 2010

Michelle and Micah, 2010

"Transcendence.  Being yourself in spite of the world. What does it mean for me that I have embraced my transgender identity? It means that I can now look at my body and all of its flaws with pride and a genuine smile. It means being able to look in the mirror and marvel at the way that my Creator God made me. It means that the world finally makes sense. It means that I can sit before you exposed knowing that you are looking at a 300 pound person without fear of judgment.  I can see me for the first time and not the weight. It means that you are finally seeing the real me. With each and every day that comes I am able to present more and more of who I really am to the world. And that is the beautiful miracle of me coming out to myself as transgender... I am no longer a foreigner living in a strange body but rather me living in a body that I reclaim and am now reshaping into who I was created in the flesh to be... A man created for the purpose of serving God."  -Micah

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