Thursday, December 30, 2010

Transcendence- Ace

A new photograph from Transcendence.  I really love this photograph and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet awesome people like Ace.

Ace, 2010

"My name is Ace.  I identify as male (female-to-male). I've been out in the community as male since I was 14 years old.  I knew who I was at 11 years old.  I was always looked at as the tough "lesbian" since I was little, but always referred to myself as queer/gay.

Being an FTM of color, people already give me the stereotype of a dark skin, bad behaving person, that has no morals. Even when I completely pass as a guy I am still looked down upon as someone of lesser value in certain places.  I have seen some people respect me more for being an FTM of color and others look at me like I am only doing it to try to pass as a male just to have power in society.

Facing many different challenges in my life has made me a stronger person today, and I wouldn't change anything.  Something people don’t know about me is that I can be a hopeless romantic, and I enjoy being a shoulder for others in need."  -Ace

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