Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photos from the opening of Coupled

Wow, what a full week it has been. The opening on Friday was absolutely packed! Thank you so much to everyone who came. I had the chance to meet so many new people as well as see a lot of old friends.

I was excited that quite a few of the people in the project came to the opening, and I tried my best to get a picture of them in front of their photo. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the reactions of people in the gallery when they spotted the real life version of a couple on the wall walking around the gallery.

Below are a few snapshots from the opening as well as images of many of the couples in front of their photo.

Me and Arlette

Shellburne and me

Triiibe looking at the polaroid book

Anna and me

Jen, Dani, and me

Me with my mom and Chris

Susan in front of her photo

Leigh and Jennifer in front of their photo

Karen and Michelle in front of their photo

My mom and Chris in front of their photo

Jen and Christine in front of their photo

Dani and Jen in front of their photo

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  1. It was a wonderful opening, Jess--I loved seeing your work on the walls--and these photos of people in front of their photos are so joyful! Congratulations!