Thursday, February 25, 2010

PDA at the ICA (Tonight!!!)

Hey all-

I am super excited to participate in The Wedlock Project's third installment of their PDA (Public Displays of Acceptance) performance tonight at the ICA.

If you're gay/lesbian/queer identified, bring a straight partner of the same sex.
If you're straight, bring a gay/lesbian/queer partner of the opposite sex.

Please join me!

Get ready for PDA #3 at:
Check-in from 630PM – 7PM at the WATER CAFE… (first floor of the ICA).
A partner of the same-sex
Your enthusiasm.
From 7PM – 8PM we will be roaming about looking at the Roni Horn Show.. and performing Public Displays Of Affection (Acceptance).
Feel free to interact with other PDA participants..
If you know of ANYONE who would like to join us – IT’S NOT TOO LATE - tell them to come on down!
We are so excited to have you with us!
See you Thursday!
TT and Michael!

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